New Student Information

After the Application

Admission is granted jointly by the Graduate School and the academic program at Penn State Great Valley, who extends academic programming to the Navy Yard. The Admissions Committee reviews applications and makes decisions based on the quality of an applicant's credentials relative to other applicants.

If there are questions regarding an application, either office may contact the student. Each program has its own procedures for evaluating applications. After final review by the Graduate School, applicants will receive formal notification of admission.

Any questions regarding the requirements, process, or status of an application can be directed to the Admissions Office at [email protected] or 610-648-3242

Accepting an Admission Offer

After a student receives an offer of admission, the next step is to accept the offer online, which tells the University he or she intends to enroll. A formal letter of admission will include the necessary steps to accept the offer.

Schedule Classes

Penn State operates on a semester system. Within the semester system at Penn State at the Navy Yard, there are six academic sessions per year: two in the fall semester, two in the spring semesters, and two in the summer. Each session runs for seven weeks. Most courses include a face-to-face component, and an online portion.

Students should determine which courses to take by reviewing the program requirements, course sequences, and any prerequisites that must be taken first. They should consult with the program's academic department if necessary. Students are encouraged to sign up as early as possible for courses and to sign up for both Sessions I and II courses prior to the beginning of the semester. Students can register for classes through LionPATH or by telephone at 610-648-3275.

Registration will be complete when all tuition and fees have been paid or when payment has been arranged with our Finance Office.

Attend New Student Orientation

New students participate in a comprehensive online orientation program prior to the start of classes of both the fall and spring semesters. The program is designed to help each student adjust to graduate school, meet faculty and other students, and receive a comprehensive overview of his or her program and the many support services available. A separate orientation is held for international students.