SARI (Scholarship and Research Integrity) Program

Penn State University is committed to promoting the responsible conduct of research and scholarship by increasing student awareness of the ethical issues that can arise in the process of writing papers and conducting original research.

In order to satisfy the Scholarship and Research Integrity (SARI) requirement of your Penn State degree, all students who were admitted in fall 2009 or later to a degree program are required to participate in discussion-oriented activities on topics pertaining to the responsible conduct of research (RCR). 

The following table indicates which activities satisfy your SARI requirements prior to graduation, which include a combination of coursework and a specially designed CANVAS course module.

Contact the Management Division at [email protected] with additional questions regarding eligibility requirements. 

Questions regarding the academic content of the SARI requirement may be directed to the faculty manager, Dr. Eric Stein.

SARI Information for Students
Program* Students who do not need to complete the CANVAS SARI Module for Business Students Students who do need to complete the CANVAS SARI Module for Business Students Business Ethics Related Coursework Component of the SARI Requirement
MBA Any student who completed MGMT 501 between fall 2009 and fall 2014 Any student who did not complete MGMT 501 prior to fall 2014 or who transferred in equivalent course work Completion of BUSAD 551, BUSAD 534 or BUSAD 576

Instructions for accessing the CANVAS portion of SARI are as follows:

Each student is expected to complete the Business Integrated SARI Module as soon as possible after entering their respective program. Students who matriculate in fall 2017 or later are automatically entered into the SARI Module and are expected to complete the module by the end of their first semester. For example, if a student is admitted in fall 2017 they must complete it by the end of the fall 2017 semester. (SARI discussion modules will not be available during the summer, therefore students admitted during the summer will be automatically enrolled in the fall modules.)

Students admitted prior to fall 2017 who have not met their SARI requirement will need to email [email protected] to be manually enrolled in the SARI Module.

To complete the SARI Module:

  1. Go to CANVAS.
  2. Search for Business Integrated SARI Module on your Dashboard (if you do not see it then you need to email [email protected]).
  3. Review the syllabus.
  4. Complete Part I Preparatory exercises and assessments.
  5. Once you complete the Part I assessments with an 80% better, then the Part II discussion forums will automatically unlock for your participation.
  6. Students must obtain an 80% or higher in the Part II discussion forums and assessment to successfully pass the module.
  7. At the end of each semester the passing grades will be reflected in CANVAS, and successful completion will be shown as a Milestone on your LionPATH Student Center.

Completion of all SARI components must be certified by the Management Division as a requirement for graduation.   

Questions? Contact: [email protected]