Research and Professional Services

Through sponsored research grants or professional services agreements, Penn State at the Navy Yard’s energy analytics, distributed energy and building energy efficiency capabilities include:

  • Collection, validation, management and analysis of building energy, benchmarking and microgrid related data
  • System design, data validation, management and analysis of utility bills, whole building interval electric data, measurement and verification (M&V) systems and submetered building data
  • Development and conduct of applied building energy research projects and testbeds in client-owned facilities; assessment and evaluation of energy retrofit measures in small commercial buildings
  • Development of university student and workforce training curricula in the following areas:
    • Building re-tuning and energy retrofit investments
    • Design, installation and operation of distributed energy resources
  • Developing ongoing summer and semester-long internship experiences for talented students interested in sustainable and efficiently operated buildings
  • Distributed energy resources: performance evaluations of solar photovoltaic generation and battery storage components and systems
  • Combined heat and power: design and analysis for electric microgrid, combined heat and power (CHP), distributed energy, and energy storage system opportunities 

For questions or more information, contact Bill Valentine at [email protected].