Energy Innovation Space

Penn State at the Navy Yard offers co-working space for energy companies in our Energy Innovation Space. Our program is for companies, startup or mature, that are working in the energy sector (building energy efficiency, smart grid, renewables, power generation, etc.) and looking for a location for a small office. Our goal is to build a community of companies focused on the energy sector that can learn from one another, partner with one another, and partner with Penn State. Members will work beside cutting-edge research projects from both local startups and university research partners.

Click here to learn more about the Energy Innovation Space, other user facilities, and startup opportunities at Penn State. For questions or more information, contact Kris Barr, office manager and facilities representative, at [email protected] or 215-218-7585.

The Space

Energy Innovation Space

Membership in our Energy Innovation Space program provides access to 10,000 square feet of co-working and semi-private space, three conference rooms with AV, reconfigurable office layouts, regular symposia on energy topics, a common kitchenette, WiFi, printing, and more.

Types of Space Available

  • Hot seat: flexible co-working seating available in the atrium and on the “upper level space” with a first-come first-serve availability.
  • Semi-private cubicles: 10 cubicles located inside a 1,000 square foot private room with its own conference table and flatpanel.
  • Private office: a limited number of private offices that can be set up for one or two person teams.
  • Other: depending on need we may be able to accommodate companies in some of our various spaces throughout the building.