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Assistant Professor of Finance, Management
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    Sang Mook Lee received his Ph.D. from Temple University (2014) and his MBA from the Ohio State University (2007). Prior to joining Penn State Great Valley, he gained professional experience as a senior manager at the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation and as a fixed income trader at the Asian Banking Corporation, one of the prestigious investment banks in Korea. He has been successful in publishing papers in many prestigious journals, including Financial Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of World Business, Long Range Planning, Business & Society, Human Resource Management, and International Business Review since he joined PSGV. He teaches multinational managerial finance, financial markets and institutions, financial derivatives, and fixed income securities. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®).


    2018 Early Career Research Grant from Penn State Great Valley

    2016 Research Grants ($5,000) from Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation.

    2007 MBA Sponsorship, Korea Deposit Insurance Corp.


    Tamar Almor, Sang Mook Lee, and Ofra Shoham Bazel “The Dual Effect of Board Gender Diversity on R&D Investments”, Long Range Planning (Impact Factor 3.221), Accepted

    Pornsit Jiraporn, Pandej Chintrakarn, Sirimon Treepongkaruna, and Sang Mook Lee, “Do LGBT-supportive corporate policies improve credit rating? An instrumental-variable analysis”, Journal of Business Ethics (Impact Factor 2.917), Accepted

    Ofra Shoham Bazel, Sang Mook Lee, Michael J. Rivera, and Amir Shoham, "Impact of the female board members and gaps in linguistic gender marking on cross-border M&A", Journal of World Business (Impact Factor 3.758), Accepted.

    Pornsit Jiraporn, Denise Potosky, and Sang Mook Lee, 2019, "Corporate Governance and LGBT-Supportive Policies from CSR, Resource-based, and Agency Perspectives" Human Resource Management (Impact Factor 2.474), 58, 317-336.

    Pornsit Jiraporn and Sang Mook Lee, 2018, "How do independent directors influence corporate risk-taking? Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment", International Review of Finance (Impact Factor 0.558), 18, 507-519. (Featured in Columbia Law School Blog on Corporation and The Capital Markets)

    Pornsit Jiraporn and Sang Mook Lee, 2018, “Does Board Co-Option Influence Dividend Policy?”, Financial Management (Impact Factor 1.517), 47(2), 349-381.

    Amir Shoham and Sang Mook Lee, 2018, “The Causal Impact of Grammatical Gender Marking on Gender and Social Inequality?”, Business and Society (Impact Factor 3.298), 57(6), 1216-1251.

    Amir Shoham, Tamar Almor, Sang Mook Lee, & and Mohammad Faisal Ahammad, 2017, “Encouraging environmental sustainability through gender: A micro-foundational approach using linguistic gender marking", Journal of Organizational Behavior (Impact Factor 3.607), 38(9), 1356–1379. (Recipient of 2017 JOB Best Paper Runner-Up Award)

    Jongmoo Jay Choi, Sang Mook Lee, and Amir Shoham, 2016, “The effects of institutional distance on FDI inflow: General environmental institutions (GEI) versus minority investor protection institutions (MIP),” International Business Review (Impact Factor 2.476), 25.1, 114-123.

    Mohammad Faisal Ahammad, Sang Mook Lee, Miki Malul, and Amir Shoham, 2015, “Behavioral Ambidexterity: The Impact of Incentive Schemes on Productivity, Motivation, and Performance of Employees in Commercial Banks,” Human Resource Management (Impact Factor 1.817), 54.S1, s45-s62.


    B.B.A., Sung Kyun Kwan University

    MBA, Ohio State University, 2007

    Ph.D., Temple University, 2014